Create a Custom Unit Map

Use the fields below to generate a link for a custom map of Units in the Unit Toolbox database. Use the link anytime, the generated map will always be current based on the toolbox data. About map location: Unit locations are based on Meeting Location, if available, otherwise the Chartered partner Address is used.

Mode: "Map": Returns a map with units based on the other parmeters
"Search": Returns a Search box to map units within X miles of an address
District: Map mode only
Unit Type: Note: When mapping all unit types, multiple units of the same type at the exact same location may be hidden (map icons are stacked)
In Map mode: returns all units of that type.
In Search mode: sets the default of the drop down list
Zoom: A value of 0-20 to indicate the zoom level of the map. (map mode only) You will need to play around with this to find the best zoom for your particular district. 0=Whole earth, each subsequent value doubles the zoom.
Map View: Sets the type of map to display.
Map Height:
Map Width:
Center Latitide: Sets the latitude of where to center the map in decimal degrees (requires CenterLong) Blank=Last unit mapped; St. Paul: 44.953501; Find Lat/Long here
Center Longitude: Sets the longitude of where to center the map in decimal degrees (requires CenterLat) Blank=Last unit mapped; St. Paul: -93.078918; Find Lat/Long here
Your custom links will appear below.